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Summer Programs & Camps

Coach Klage and Coach Ian have spent a great deal of time thinking about what a top-tier youth program should look like in 2023. Their focus is to execute better player development over the spring and summer months. Here are their thoughts and the NEW direction they are taking TJO!

"Hockey development is evolving right in front of our eyes. Kids are doing things now that pro's couldn't even think of doing 10 years ago and it's not by accident. Minor hockey programs have really moved the needle with player development in the last decade by adding spring training to their schedules. 8-10 years ago most hockey markets packed their bags after the season and took the summer off. While these programs took time off, some programs kept going and pushed player development in the off-season. Over time the skills gap between "Early adopting" programs and "Traditionally" run programs was so large that everyone took notice. Derek and I saw the change right away and corrected the course with TJO immediately. That's how spring training became a thing in Tulsa."   -Coach Klage

"Klage and I have done a great deal of self-assessing on what we think works and what could be better in the program. Last year was our biggest participation level in Spring Training ever and we really saw development take a big step forward with everyone. We were ecstatic to see how well our players were developing last spring, however, we did notice a step back after the summer break. We thought to ourselves, what could we do differently to eliminate that step back while also doing something different than everyone else in minor hockey? We are doing what the top programs are doing, what could we do to be in front of the curve instead of side by side with everyone else? We don't believe adding more is the answer, so our solution is to change the timing of our bulk development.

Every NHL club holds training camps where players filter down through their respective AHL and ECHL teams before the season starts. There is a Training Camp at each level. These players are ramping up into the season for a solid 3-4 weeks before it starts and they are hitting the ice flying!" -Coach Ian

**FULL**  TJO SUMMER CAMP - June 13-16th


TJO is bringing back Summer Camp! 

This camp will feature guest coaches and an assortment of great training activities!  Camp will run roughly from 8:30am-3:30pm. Every student registered & paid in full by May 1st will receive a Free Custom Camp Jersey & can order a T-shirt!  Summer camp is open to ALL ages and will be split up by age so that our coaches can work on age/skill-appropriate drills. (Must register before March 1st to get on a payment plan) 

$559 - Includes Custom Jersey  + $25 - T-shirt (optional)

"We thought long and hard about getting a summer camp back to Tulsa for our players. It doesn't make sense for us to spend a full week on hotels when we can just fly in coaches and host a great camp in our backyard. We are officially partnered with Pure Encouragement (Gary Steffes). Gary will work not only on ice but will also be teaching the mental side of the game in a classroom setting!" -Coach Ian  

TJO Training Camp July 6-August 24th

 The costs are :

  1. $699 for All-Star (16 sessions on & off ice) or
  2. $849 Elite (16 sessions on and off ice + 7 shooting/stick handling + 2 Seminars w/ Gary Steffes)


  1. $349 for All-Star (7 sessions on & off ice) or
  2. $499 Elite (7 sessions on and off ice + 7 shooting/stick handling + 2 Seminars w/ Gary Steffes) 

Learn More about TJO Training Camp.

Competitive/Travel Team Tryouts are on August 26, 2023.   

The Registration "Summer Programs & Camps" is not currently available.

Keserich Goaltending Summer Camps Tulsa, OK July 17-21, 2023

5-Day Camp - July 17-21, 2023 in Tulsa, OK

  • 8:30am - 3:30pm 
  • On Ice 2 hours/day
  • Dry land conditioning
  • Video Analysis
  • Yoga
  • Hand-Eye Games
  • Visualization & MORE! 

Cost $639    ($100 Deposit to hold spot + Application)