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Advisory Board

Tulsa Jr Oilers Advisory Board

A group of parents meets directly with Klage Kaebel and Derek Toninato, the Directors of the Program, on a regular basis to advise them on policies and procedures. This non-voting board also acts to facilitate communication among all parents and players. The members are invited to participate by Klage and Derek on the basis of their expertise and continuing contributions to the TJO program. The board currently is being reassigned, and will be announces soon, with incumbent members staying in place: Nathan Ketchum and Tabitha Wyatt.

Tulsa Jr Oilers Parent Committees

There are 15 distinct committees set up to address specific opportunities, challenges, problems and questions that TJO faces. Each committee operates independently with a direct line to the Program Directors. However, we also meet from time to time to share information and discuss issues. If you have a question concerning your child’s team, it is best to speak directly to the coach or manager. However, if you have a question in a broader area, or if you feel you are not getting a sufficient answer, you are encouraged to consult with one of these committee chairs for help and guidance. Additionally, if you would like to help in any of these areas, we encourage you to raise your hand and volunteer. Just speak with the chair of the committee you are interested in.

Registration. Chair: Dusty Boswell.

Oversees all USAH details including rosters, coaching modules, Safe Sport.

Standards. Chair: Jamie Hoskins. Tracy Clark. 

Communicates and enforces player and parent standards of conduct. Advises and addresses behavioral problems regarding both players and parents.

Scheduling. Chair:  Jolie Odam.

Sets seasonal schedules with TAHA. Works with individual team managers regarding tournaments.

TJO Metro League. Chair: Eric Guthrie.

Supervises league draft, oversees equipment requirements, schedules games and practices. Provides “guidance counseling” on player participation.

Publicity and Recruitment. Co-chairs: Nathan Ketchum.

Promotes TJO throughout the community, supervises internal and external communications, prepares recruitment materials. Provides website content.

Fund Raising. Chair: Tabitha Wyatt.

Determines goals, supervises communications, reports and evaluates programs, solicits sponsorships.

Grass Roots Development. Co-chairs: Ryan Roberts and Bobby York.

Supervises entry-level programs, manages volunteer teams during individual invents, provides guidance on player development path.

Future Player Development. Chair: Klage Kaebel.

Plans for future team composition and recruitment at bantam and midget levels. Develops options for player placement and provides individual counseling.

Officiating. Chair: Jolie Odam.

Schedules referees and evaluates officials.

TJO Equipment Room. Chair: Vacant.

Maintains equipment room, oversees inventory.