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Jr Oilers Weekly Update

Hello and welcome to the Tulsa Jr Oilers Weekly Update Page!

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Tulsa Jr Oilers games this weekend

We have lots of games going on this weekend in Dallas! Be sure to catch the games on LiveBarn!

Saturday, January, 21st:

1:15-2:30 12UA vs OKC at Arctic Edge

1:30-2:45pm 10UAA vs Brahmas at NYTEX

2:15-3:30pm 12UAA vs Heat at Euless

5:00-6:15pm 10UA vs Brahmas at NYTEX

7:15-8:30pm 12UAA vs DSE girls at Valley Ranch

7:30-8:45 HS vs KC Stars at KC

Sunday, January 22nd

6:00-7:15am 12UAA vs DSE girls at Valley Ranch

7:15-8:30am 10UA vs Brahmas at NYTEX

9:30-10:45am 14U vs NWA at BOK

9:45-11:00am 10UAA vs Brahmas at NYTEX

11:15-12:30pm 12UA vs OKC at Arctic Edge

12:15-1:30pm 14U vs NWA at OIC

12:20-1:35pm HS vs KC Stars at KC

OSU Hockey

2023 UPDATED schedule!

Texas State

Jan. 21st 10:30pm @ Oilers Ice Center

Jan. 22nd 12:15pm @ BOK Center

TCU (Away)

Jan. 28th 7:45pm @ StarCenter-Euless

Jan. 29th 3:00pm @ StarCenter-Euless

Baylor (Away)

Feb. 3rd 8:00pm @StarCenter-Mansfield

Feb. 4th 12:30pm @StarCenter-Mansfield


Feb. 10th 5:30pm @ Oilers Ice Center

Feb. 11th 8:30pm @ Oilers Ice Center


Feb. 17th 5:30pm @ Oilers Ice Center

Feb. 18th 8:00pm @ Oilers Ice Center


Feb. 24th 5:30pm @ Oilers Ice Center

Feb. 25th 8:30pm @ Oilers Ice Center

Rink Upgrades

As most of you have seen, there are a lot of improvements happening around the rink. The flooring is currently being redone as well as the bathrooms. With that comes some inconveniences. Thank you for your patience as we work through this. We would like to remind you all that this is a much-needed makeover, so we ask that you please speak with your kids about respecting the rink. Please do not squirt your water bottles inside, do not treat it like a jungle gym. Also, new retractable belt barriers have been installed on the stairs. Upstairs is office and school space. Please do not allow your children upstairs.

TJO Partners

We are excited to announce a new partnership for TJO. We will be posting local businesses that have partnered with our organization, be sure to check it out and look for special discounts and information for TJO families.

TJO Partners

Homeschool stick and puck

TJO Power Skating class

The leadership of the OIC and TJO have been processing adding a weekly power skating class for players that want to solely work on their skating. We want to continue to be a program that is developing players skating and skill sets, both Metro and Competitive players. 


Starting Wednesday, October 5th and moving forward on every Wednesday we will offer a power skating class. Here are the details. 


The class will be run by Ian Keserich, Jessie Stoops, and Klage Kaebel. We will run 2 groups in the 1 hour. 6U/8U/10U the first 30 minutes (3:45-4:15) and 12U/14U/16U the last 30 min (4:15-4:45). The cost will be only $17 per player. Just to be clear, this will ONLY be powerskating, no pucks for the entire 30 min. FYI.... this class will be great for goalies. Also, no one needs to worry if they are out there with younger or older players. This practice is meant for players to personally focus on their skating. 


ACTION STEP: You will need to sign up to reserve your spot. Click here to reserve: Again 3:45-4:15 for 6U/8U/10U and 4:15-4:45 for 12U/14U/16U. This is for BOTH Competitive and Metro Players.

Tell us about your player!

We want to get to know your kids and highlight them on our Facebook page for their birthday! If you could have them fill out a small questionnaire, we will highlight them on our Facebook page on their birthday. Just click here to fill out the questionnaire.

Gear Swap Page

If you've got hockey gear that your not-so-little-anymore player has grown out of, and would like to make some room, be sure and check out our Hockey Gear Swap page on FaceBook. 

Also, if you're looking for a great deal on used gear, this is a great place to go.

You will need to request permission to join the page, and then you will be free to post and see what's available. 

This is not an anything is for sale page, please keep this restricted to hockey gear and hockey training equipment that you no longer need.

TJO Hockey Equipment Swap

OIC Stick 'n Puck Sessions

You can find the schedule for the OICs Stick 'n Puck sessions here:

Stick 'n Puck