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2021 3 v 3 Spring Break

2021 3 v 3 Spring Break - Gus Macker style

1st Annual 3 v 3 Spring Break tournament

Gus Macker Style:

Similar to a basketball 3v3 Gus Macker tournaments, this will consist of one net/one goalie per game. Thus, both teams will shoot on the same goalie. Games are played on 1/3 of the ice sheet, with a 'tag' line for the puck to cross before the possessing team can attack and shoot on the net. 


PICK YOUR OWN TEAM -  3 players per team

GOALIES: will play for and against multiple teams, so they are not eligible to 'join' a team. 

Dates/times: 10:15-11:15am 

  • Tuesday, March 16th
  • Wednesday, March 17th
  • Thursday, March 18th

Game time: 25 min

Amount of games: 6 (or more if needed)

Ages: 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U *based on registrations, we are reserving the right to mix certain teams into different age levels based on current skill/ability. 

Registration: $99/player, $49/goalie

Giveaways: Free TJO giveaways throughout the tournament! Apparel, jerseys, lessons, etc!

All participants must register via the provided link (above).


Demo of Hockey 3v3 Gus Macker Style

Spring Break - On ice Hockey Lessons

If you are interested in your player taking on ice hockey lessons, email for times and options. 

Addt'l Spring Break lessons

Skating and Shooting lessons available!

Email to set up your times with an instructor!

Skating lessons:

  • 30 min increments.
  • Held during public skate.
  • Player is responsible for the public skate fee ($9) to the rink and lesson fee to the instructor ($35).
  • Player must be in full hockey equipment. No puck or stick.

Shooting lessons:

  • 30 min increments.
  • Held in the synthetic ice room (this is an off ice lesson).
  • Player is responsible for lesson fee to the instructor ($35).
  • Player must wear athletic shoes and use hockey gloves and stick. 

*Hockey lessons available at various, random times throughout the month (depends on OIC schedule). Email Mallory for more info.