Hockey Lingo

For those new to hockey, here are some basic terms and terminology that you’ll see and hear around the rink.

Age Brackets:

Mites: Ages 5-8 years old

Squirts: 9-10 years old

Peewees: 11-12 years old

Bantam: 13-14 years old

Midget: 15-16 years old


Off sides – When a team mate crosses the offensive blue line before the puck crosses the blue line.

Icing – When the puck is sent untouched to the offensive zone from behind the center ice red line, and crosses the goal line.

Face-Off – When both teams line up after a stoppage of play in order to resume play, at the nearest face off dot located to the stoppage of play.

Pipe or post–the red painted portion of the hockey net

Crossbar–6 feet in length, this red painted portion of the hockey net is 4 feet off the ground and welded onto the two end pipes of the net.

Inside edge – the inner side of the steel blade of a hockey skate in which a player pushes to create a stride, thus accelerating when skating.

Outside edge – the outer side of the steel blade of a hockey skate in which a player pushes to create speed when turning, or used to stop also.

Edge work – practicing using the inside and outside edges of the skate in order to become a faster, more stable skater.

Power skating – specific drills designed to work on skating technique, vs maximum output on a drill

Over speed – specific drills designed to push players out of their comfortable speed level of skating, beyond maximum output required to be effective for increased speed and stamina.

Hat trick – 3 goals in one game.

Hockey “Slang”that you’ll hear around the rink:

“Full Tilt” – Give it all you have! Full effort, Full speed.

“Nice wheels”- Nice speed! You’re going fast!

“Nice Gino” – Nice goal!

“Nice apple” – Nice assist!

“Nice salad” – Nice hair!

“Wheel it!”- Skate the puck!

“Dish it” – Pass it, pass the puck.

“Bar down”- a shot that went off the cross bar and in the net.

“Let’s get’er goin’ here boys”- Let’s pick it up! Let’s get back at it right now!

“Out to lunch” – Wake up we’re here to play hockey!

“Through the wickets” – a puck that went through the opponents legs, usually referring to the goalie and a goal that was scored.

Gordie Howe hat trick – 1 goal, 1 assist, 1 fight! (not recommended, used jokingly)

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